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River Sweeps

River Sweeps is a great addition to the options for players who love to play games on the move, since it offers the opportunity to play great games on your phone or on the smallest handheld tablet.

Whether you are using an Android device or one running iOS, you will be able to access a great choice of River Sweeps slots.

River Sweeps Interface

Once playing at a River Sweeps Casino online you will be pleased to know that the interface is quite simple to navigate. You can customise your screen which adds to the fun.

River Sweeps Games

Whether you are a fan of fishing games, first popularised in the Asian market, or traditional slots from some of the greatest global designers, there is plenty to choose from at River Sweeps. Whether you enjoy exploring Aztec temples or spear fishing there, are a wealth of options to keep you entertained as you enjoy roaming gaming.

The catalogue is always being upgraded and you are guaranteed immersive graphics and clear audio once you select your game.

Always remember that you need to settle on the games which suit your mood and which you understand. Practice playing a slot and gaming responsibly is the key to squeezing out the maximum enjoyment from your visit.

Although this is by no means an extensive list, here are a few of the games you can enjoy:

.       Shining Princes
.       Jungle 2
.       Dragon Seven
.       African King
.       Clover Stones
.       Frosty King

Discover a great River Sweeps fishing slot

When visiting a River Sweeps casino online, it is worth looking at the Fishing Kingdom game. It is not only one of the most exciting mobile sweepstakes, but it is truly engaging and a great game to play on your mobile device. There are also plenty of prizes to be won. The design of the game is excellent, making it stand out from some of its competitors.

Many of you may not realise that the term ‘sweepstake’, which now often refers to raffles or bingo style games originated on the banks of the river. Fishermen taking part in competitions drew a peg number and this dictated their position on the river, making the competition subject to chance.

This has been carried over into this great game where you can play alone or against other players. It also offers a range of prizes and, of course, there is nothing better than playing with friends.


There are some exciting games on offer at the River Sweeps casino online and we recommend you give them a go, enjoy the freedom of playing on the move and trying to land some great prizes. You are sure to find games you enjoy and may well be surprised by some new ones you have not previously encountered.

Always remember to set yourself limits and gamble responsibly.