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The Kraken

You will be drawn to The Kraken Slots online if you are a fan of fishing games, but if not you will find many more popular slots which can be accessed on the popular site.

Fishing games rose to prominence amongst gamers in the Far East, but now players in all major countries have been energised by this game genre which provides fun and some great bonuses as well as, in some cases, jackpot opportunities.

The Kraken App

Access to The Kraken slots online library is provided via the app which is available on both iOS and Android devices. Many players now enjoy playing on the go, and most games from major designers allow access from mobile phones.

The Kraken app is easily downloaded, and it is also free of charge. You will find that whatever device you use, you can download it by following some simple steps which are clearly set out.

If you enjoy playing at home or on the move these games are perfect for you. They are designed for the smaller screen meaning you can use a handset or the smallest tablets.

Release The Kraken slot game

The eponymous game is available via the app and players will find it a great introduction to the games on offer.

The distinguishing feature of the games on this platform is that they have a significant skill element. It is not just a question of luck and as you progress through levels, you will pick up more knowledge of the games and gain more rewards.

The more you play the more skills you will gain and, as always, practice makes perfect.

Why choose The Kraken?

As a player, you want to look at games that you can master as quickly as possible, learning the basics and gaining the skills which help you excel. You will find these games easy to learn thanks to the simple controls and explicit game rules.

Remember, of course, that there is a fair degree of strategy involved and tactics can play a major part.

What games can I play on The Kraken?

There are a host of games available. Naturally the fishing games have a major presence, but there are plenty more to choose from. All of the games have fantastic graphics.

Here is a short list of the games on offer:

.       Blue Mermaid
.       Kraken
.       Angry Frog
.       Crab King
.       Dragon Fighter

There are also new games being added constantly, and slots such as Boy King’s Treasure and Cookie Pop are sure to attract players to the game catalogue.


We have found that The Kraken slots online continues to provide a fantastic choice of games, even for players who are not necessarily fans of fishing games, although this is the major selling point of the platform. The good news is that the catalogue continues to expand, attracting plenty of new gamers.

Always remember to set limits and to gamble responsibly.