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UltraPanda Casino Slots

Fishing games have always been popular in the Far East gaming market, but they are also creating waves in the West too. If you are thinking of plunging into the depths of this genre of games, you will want to take a look at the offerings from one of the new kids on the block.

It is easy to access UltraPanda slots online by downloading the app which is suitable for both iOS and Android devices. The beauty of these games is that they are specifically designed to be played on the move on either a handset or the smallest of tablets.

Players are increasingly looking for games of this type as they begin to enjoy playing on the move as well as in their homes, or even in downtime at their place of work. This is evidenced by the fact that virtually all online games are now available on mobile phones, the difference here is that mobile devices are at the heart of the design of these games. Your device becomes your new favourite arcade, even underwater!

Why choose UltraPanda?

If you are looking for platforms that understand the needs of players, especially those who enjoy playing on the go, look no further than this one. They have looked at what you want from a secure platform and provided games that will blow you away, whilst you blow away the inhabitants of the deep.

There is also a reliable payment system and players will know that they can enjoy a safe experience in a pleasant environment. Naturally the choice of games adds to this.

Fishing slots are the major focus, naturally, and you will find over 20 here all with great designs and fantastic graphics. Alongside these games you will also find a host of other slots such as Buffalo Thunder from Novomatic.

The app providers have come up with a platform which is gaining traction at other online casinos.

UltraPanda App

If you want to play an UltraPanda casino game, you will firstly need to download the app. For Android devices click download or scan the QR code. Click the Akp file and allow third party access, then follow the instructions to download.

For iOS devices access the site and go to download, click the blue button click ‘get’ after being re-directed to the store then go back to the original site to complete the download.

UltraPanda App features and characteristics


You don’t need to register, and the download is free. Once you have access, you will see plenty of examples of an UltraPanda casino game. There are no third party ads to distract you and you will find the mobile interface very easy to operate.


Whenever you choose an UltraPanda casino game, you will be pleasantly surprised by the high-quality graphics, and the fact that no special skills are required to play the games. There is also a wide range of bonus features and in some cases jackpots are available.

How to play the UltraPanda fish games

If playing on the go is what you enjoy here are a few tips to get you started:

1.      Download the app.
2.      Open your account by adding money.
3.      Choose your wager.
4.      Begin game and gather prizes by shooting or capturing fish
5.      Make sure you know the value of the targets.
6.      There are plenty of games to choose from so select the one that suits you.

Some final UltraPanda tips

Research the games before settling on your favourites and remember they will all offer different bonuses and prizes. Practice makes perfect, and the good news is you can play wherever you want provided your device is to hand and you have a reliable internet connection.

There are lots of games to choose from, ensuring you can play the ones that suit you best and for which you fully understand the game play.

Always remember to set limits and gamble responsibly.